Why I Wear a Red String Around My Wrist

Why I wear a red string

“I wear this red string around my wrist as a talisman because it is thought to have magical powers of protection. It is said to ward off misfortune and attract good luck. It’s a tradition associated with some of the most observant forms of Orthodox Judaism and Kabbalah. While I am not Orthodox, I believe in its power.”

The rules of the red string

Where the tradition comes from

Frequently asked questions about the red string

  1. Do I have to be Jewish to wear a red string?
    No. Anyone can embrace this tradition. The red string represents an article of faith in a number of different beliefs.
  2. Do you have an extra red string to tie on my wrist?
    I only tie the red string on my family or my dearest friends. So my answer always depends on who is asking. But the lesson for you is that it this is something you can embrace yourself, since red strings can be purchased online, and passed on to others whom you want to touch in a meaningful way.
  3. Will it matter if I wear it on my right wrist?
    Yes. It is worn on the left wrist because the left side of the body is the receiving side.
  4. How long will my red string stay on my wrist if I am lucky enough to have one?
    There is no set time. It depends on the wearer. As I mentioned above, my last red string stayed on my wrist a year.
  5. How will I replace my red string when it falls off on its own?
    My red strings are from Jerusalem. I get them at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem from religious Jewish women for a small donation. I will only wear red strings from Israel because these women bless them, and that holds great meaning for me. However, you can purchase them online.
  6. How do you feel wearing your red string?
    I feel protected by something “bigger.” I feel closer to my religion. I know I am portraying who I am.
  7. What’s the best place to buy a red string online?
    I do not endorse any one source, but these are sold by many online sources, including Amazon, the Kabbalah Centre and more.

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