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February is the month of love. We feel the emotion of love when we interact with people, places and things. February’s purpose, in my mind, is the month to shower love and friendship on others. How can you do this when you choose isolation?

It is very important to initiate! What do I mean? Knowing what you should or want to do is easy. Initiating your purpose is often very difficult. Especially after you have been in forced isolation going on two years of your life.

It is time to put your fear and gloom and doom into mothballs. Come out of your closet and begin to remake your lost world. If you actually do this with purpose …joy will abound.

“Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next, or how…The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong but we take leap after leap in the dark.” -Agnes de Mille


Take that leap by deciding to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Plan a night ‘out.’ Choose a beautiful or fanciful outfit. Wear red nail polish. My favorite color of nail polish this season is A-list by Essie. It is a pure red, like Valentine’s red. Very chic!

Wear red lipstick for the first time. My favorite red lipstick is Tom Ford’s Jasmine Rouge. It is expensive, but so are you! Call some friends. Make your dinner reservation. Or plan a small dinner party at home. Bring little unexpected gifts for your friends. Celebrate love and friendship and feel love. You have a purpose. You will feel joy. I promise.

Darling, I have already chosen my Valentine’s outfits and gifts. One of my close friends made the dinner reservations at one of our favorite restaurants. I bought gifts for everyone. No one knows. It will be a surprise! Gift giving provides me with a sense of joy. To show my love and friendship to others makes my life just that much better.


Every day is a new day! So, take some preparatory steps on what you want to capture. Ask yourself…What is my purpose? What is my vision? Also, what will bring me joy?

My purpose at the end of each day is to feel some sense of contentment. To do this I have to be aware of my preferences, I have to concentrate. I can’t rush because at the end of the day, even if I don’t complete my purpose, I know I started!


Over the last two years you have had hours of solitude to think. Finding clarity is a mix of your feelings and thoughts. It is a first step toward ending procrastination. This is because you have had hours of time to identify what is truly important in your life. What does and does not bring you joy. This message is about joy. Do you feel it? I do.


Since this is the month of love … start with loving yourself. Stop winging it. Take this seriously because when a woman loves herself, only then can she truly love others. What a great purpose to practice in the month of February. And, the joy it will bring.

I will give you a running start of ideas. The ideas can be physical, intellectual, artistic. Take a short time out of each day for yourself. Imagine you are a personal priority.

Simple ways to love yourself:

  • Read
  • Listen to music
  • Workout
  • Call a dear friend
  • Buy a new book on Amazon ( I did)
  • Make chicken soup ( I did last Sunday)
  • Arrange a bowl of flowers
  • Water your plants ( I did yesterday.)

In other words, be attentive to your needs. Remember, it is not a selfish feeling to think of yourself as a priority. When you are happy, you will feel joy and it will cascade to others in luxurious quantities. They will feel it. They will know. What joy!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, darling. I know the word darling sounds old fashioned or dramatic to some but you are my darling and saying this to you … brings me joy! I am smiling and off to my pilates class with purpose.

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