Practice the Art of Feng Shui

  1. I live with my favorite colors and carry them throughout our entire home. As I leave one room and enter another, I feel a flow of continuity providing me with a feeling of harmony.
  2. Each room in our home has orchids and greenery, all the same variety. This provides a quality of calm, a feeling of organization and the flow of oxygen.
  3. I have wind chimes in our yard humming quiet sounds that bring me a feeling of contentment.
  4. A beautiful, large green evil eye ball hangs outside at our entryway warding off any evil from entering our front doors.
  5. We positioned the home we built with overhangs allowing the sunlight to be constant from room to room.
  6. We decided the lot to build our home on would have to face south. Good quality of light is very necessary.
  7. The outside of our home flows inside. I did this by creating a beautiful landscape using the same colors as the inside of our home.
  8. Last, but actually first… I choose my favorite possession to live with me in our home. My husband, my ultimate concierge, Sheldon Good.



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Susan "Honey" Good

Susan "Honey" Good


Cool 21st Century GRANDwoman with MOXIE! Empowering Visibility in Women 50+ 💻 Founder 🥊 Boxer 📖 Author 🌎 World Traveler 💕 She/Her/Hers